It is a great pleasure to introduce our company. In our business journey we have followed holy footprints of our father late Mr. Gouslazam Shaikh alice Shaikhchacha, He is the person who made the history in the industrial of our region. In 1962 he started Udyam Engineering works in Shivaji Udyamnagar Kolhapur in rented premises, where mainly activity of oil engine repairing was carried out, after that in 1970, India Iron Works was founded for producing C.I Casting and for machining facility M.G.Industries and D.G.Industries established. These all units was engaged in producing machined casting of Gun Metal Bearing, Bushing and Coupling required for Sugar Industries in Maharashtra and also out of State. In this Foundry they have produced very heavy Castings up to 1800 Kg. He was the only person in the region who use to produce this type of machined Casting for that reason he was very popular and well known for this activity.

In 1996 Melting Point was constituted on partnership basis with well known businessman Mr. Datta Jadhav. Kolhapur is famous for producing high quality castings, it is also called as Mother of Foundry business, hence it was really great pleasure for having large Foundry Unit.. A small tree of business planted by Late Shaikh Chacha converted in a very large tree, this is only because of his Skills and Hard working nature. He was also supporting and guiding us for grooming our carrier. In this over all period he have faced several ups and downs but he was steady and firm because he was follower of morals like Truth, Consistency, Quality and Hard Working. He made epic for us which ends in the year 2004 with very sad demise of Shaikh Chacha.

Further in 2006 we founded Melting Centre separately. We always believe in synchronizing and utilizing Time, Equipments and Business. In 2011 we have commissioned High Pressure Moulding Line of Tokyo Japan; this is the first plant of this company in India. In 2012 we have crossed production of 1350 M.T. / Month. In future we have planned for commissioning Hi-tech equipments in new extensions of Foundry and Machine Shop. I am sure that we will make it. My Staff and Workers definitely support me to make my Company the Successful Establishment.


We, at New Melting Centre Pvt. Ltd. are committed to achieve customer satisfaction through adherence to quality system & continual improvement activities for delivery timely cost effective & quality product.
In its pursuits of excellence, New Melting Centre Pvt. Ltd. Shall strive for achievement of an eco-friendly environment & employee’s satisfaction


• To achieve customer satisfaction.

• To reduce the rejection percentage.

• On time delivery.

• To reduce cost of poor quality.

• To reduce customer complaints.

• Training of employees to make them quality conscious and educate them about their role in Quality system.

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